Ava's Room by Kathy Kelly

About Ava's Room

Ava's Room is a story about a young girl who finds friendship in an unlikely place.  Her tale is about how she copes with her parent's divorce with the help of her very special friends, Bunny and Pengy.  A beautifully woven tale that encourages imagination and compassion.  It is reassuring and hopeful in it's message that friendships and love can ease the way.

Bunny and Pengy


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Chapter 1
Making New Friends

Ava pushes open the door to her bedroom. She skips, hops and skips again. Up on her bed are two of Ava’s favorite dolls. “There you are!” she says. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” Ava drags the stepstool to the side of the overstuffed mattress.
Clunk, clunk, clunk.

“Thank goodness for you,” Ava says to her stepstool. She knows she couldn’t make it to the top of her fluffy bed without it. Ava climbs up the bed, gathers her dolls, and pauses for a moment. What a wonderful view from up here! Even with the wispy, white
canopy draped around the bed, Ava can clearly see every corner of her room.  Read More